Immigration Information & Resources

HOW CAN WE (MUMC) RESPOND? The United Methodist Church has joined with several immigration advocacy groups to take a stand on the current immigration crisis.  There are several sites that UMC is recommending for more information about this issue and how to get involved.  Please take some time to look at the following websites to see if there is something that you, as an individual, and/or we, MUMC, can do to get involved.  Any suggestions and/or questions please contact Pastor Derrick or Nanci Illingworth.

NATIONAL JUSTICE FOR OUR NEIGHBORS (NJFON.ORG):  a UMC immigration ministry that provides free/low-cost expert immigration legal services to low income immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers.

BOARD OF CHURCH AND SOCIETY– The United Methodist Church (UMCJUSTICE.ORG): a UMC denominational resource for advocacy. This site provides information on how to contact your local legislators as well as other ways to get involved.

FIRST FRIENDS (FIRSTFRIENDSNJNY.ORG):  a local organization promoting compassion and hope through volunteer visitations, resettlement assistance and advocacy.  They are requesting specific supplies such as folders and writing materials for locally detained immigrants and asylum seekers so they may contact their family members, friends, and lawyers.